Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Darling likely to endorse David Miliband this evening

The former Chancellor Alistair Darling is reported to be ready to endorse the former Foreign Sectary David Milliband for the Labour leadership. This is an huge and important endorsement for Mr Milliband, as well as him having the endorsement of the former Home Sectary Alan Johnson.

UPDATE : Indeed Mr Darling has decided to back David Milliband for the Labour leadership. Darling said he "believed strongly" the former foreign secretary was the right choice to lead Labour "for opposition and then back to power", in a period he described as crucial for the party.

In a letter to his Edinburgh South West constituency party, Darling said: "David is a leader…he has the judgment and gravitas to make tough decisions…we don't know what will happen with the coalition government, the tensions in it are becoming clear…I have seen David up close and I know he can lead."

The endorsement means that David Miliband now has the backing of both the men who occupied the big offices of state below the Prime Minister.