Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sky Sources : Labour to call NEC meeting on Tuesday

16:20 BREAKING NEWS: The Labour Party National Executive Committee has announced it is to hold a meeting on Tuesday. Some in the right-wing media, i.e sky news political editor Adam Boulton, is analysing this as a move for the end-game of the Brown premiership and leadership of the Labour Party.

16:22 BREAKING NEWS: Dramatic news coming through, the Prime Minister Gordon Brown has left 10 Downing Street, and gone to the Foreign Office, leaving his senior ministers in Number 10.
It is rumoured he is meeting the Foreign Sectary, David Milliband, to discuss the Labour leadership.

16:33 BREAKING NEWS: Sky News are reporting that Mr Brown is in the Foreign Office, they say they know the Foreign Sectary David Milliband is not in the Foreign Office, he is in his South Shields constituency. They are saying that this might be a secret meeting between the Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg.