Sunday, 9 May 2010

Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg meet face to face in secret

18:02 BREAKING NEWS : The BBC are breaking news that the Prime Minister and the Liberal Democrat leader met in secret at the Foreign Office. Downing Street are reporting that the meeting was amicable. The meeting lasted for an hour, and it is being reported that David Cameron was aware of the meeting between Mr Brown and Mr Clegg.

Haha wow just watching Sky News, their Political Editor Adam Boulton, is looking pissed, his face is going completely red, he has just put down his colleague, the Chief Political Correspondent for presuming this could lead to something substantial. In the last two hours, everytime Adam Boulton was on Sky news Live, all he did was talk about the end game for the Prime Minister, speculating that Mr Brown is to resign tomorrow. Now seeing that ain't going to happen, he ain't too pleased. He is showing his overly biased attitude to the Tories, he is showing he ain't fit to be Public Service broadcaster. He should be the one resigning tomorrow.