Saturday, 29 May 2010

Simon Hughes launches bid to be Lib Dem Deputy Leader

The former Lib Dem Party President Simon Hughes has launched his bid to be the new deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats. Launching his bid the former London Mayoral Candidate said "our party is at the beginning of an exciting journey in a difficult and challenging time for our country".

Mr Hughes has the backing of outgoing deputy leader Vince Cable, who said “Simon is the person best placed to follow me as Deputy Leader and uphold the values of our party”.

Mr Hughes added: “After campaigning for three decades for liberal democracy, in Bermondsey and Old Southwark, London and around the country, it would be a great honour to serve my party as Deputy Leader".

If I was a Lib Dem, are they ain't many left you know after Nick Clegg's betrayal, I would certainly be voting for Simon Hughes. He has been the one of the towering figures in the Lib Dems for two decades, he encompasses the true believes of the party and he has the strength and political support to take on the coalition if it adopts a position of which no real Lib Dem could support.

He would be the de-facto Leader of the Lib Dems that are not serving in Government, Nick Clegg should be looking over his back if Hughes (who is the favourite) gets elected.