Saturday, 29 May 2010

Ed Milliband launches Living Wage Campagin

The former Energy and Climate Change Sectary, Ed Miliband will called today for a "living wage" of more than £7 an hour as he campaigns to become the next leader of the Labour Party.

Mr Miliband believes it should go up to £7.60 in London and, on average, £7.16 outside the capital. About five million workers would be affected by the increase. He called on his party colleagues to support the measure and argued they should use their time in opposition to champion such causes.

"I want to lead a Labour Party that campaigns for change in people's lives, not just for a change of government," Mr Miliband will said in a speech at the London School of Economics.

"The Labour Party can become the most effective grass-roots campaigning organisation in Britain, demonstrating through what we do and achieve that we have the vision and commitment to return to government."