Monday, 3 May 2010

Inspired Brown rouses Citizens UK

The Prime Minister has just given in my opinion his best speech to date to a Citizens UK conference in the last hour. The crowd was chanting "Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown", this was breath-taking. The speech was passionate, energetic , animated and powerful!
There was a depth to him that was lacking in David Cameron and Nick Clegg who spoke at the conferance before him.
At the conference he pledged to introduce the living wage, low interest rates and build more affordable housing.
But sadly the biased Tory media are going to keep a black out on the speech, as they did on Brown interview with Paxman, where he produced a barnstorming performance.
But coming back to today, the Prime Minister was at his best, even the BBC's laura Kuenssberg said, if there had been a clapometer, he won it. Sky also said that was him at his best. More of the same tomorrow and Wednesday and who knows what can happen on Thursday?