Saturday, 8 May 2010


11:33 BREAKING NEWS : BBC are breaking news that, there was a phone conversation between the Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg. According to a senior Lib Dem, the conversation was more a "one-sided diatribe" at Nick Clegg from Gordon Brown. Apparently the conversation was also laced with political threats from Mr Brown. Thus the source said Mr Clegg now felt it was "impossible" to work with Mr Brown. On the other hand, the source has reported the conversations between Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg was more respectful and courteous. Although when asked, the senior Lib Dem, didn't rule out a deal with a new Labour leader.

I have no clue, why Mr Brown held those angry exchanges with Mr Clegg, i think the PM could have been aggrieved by the fact Mr Clegg decided to talk the Conservatives first.

11:55 UPDATE : Apparently to that Lib Dem source, the conversation went downhill the minute Mr Clegg told Mr Brown, the Prime Minister, that he should resign.
Okay so now we know why Gordon got angry, i don't blame him, Gordon Brown has the constitutional and moral right to remain Prime Minister!

12:09 UPDATE : Downing Street sources say the phone call between Mr Brown and Mr Clegg, lasting less than 40 minutes, concentrated on "process". Mr Clegg ran through the procedures for his discussions with the Conservatives and the call was described as amicable. There was no discussion of Mr Brown's personal position, or any call from Mr Clegg for the prime minister to resign.

So how do you believe?