Monday, 10 May 2010

Alastair Campbell and Sky News presenter Adam Boulton almost come to blows on live TV

Alastair Campbell and Sky News presenter Adam Boulton today almost came to blows on live TV. The former Labour spin doctor and Sky's political editor rowed over Gordon Brown's legacy just minutes after the Prime Minister announced his resignation.

Adam Boulton was furious that the the Prime Minister had out-maneuvered the Tories, and evidently showed his Tory-bias.

The row escalated when Mr Boulton asked: 'Why hasn't he had a Cabinet meeting before making this offer?, Mr Campbell responded: 'He's spoken to his Cabinet,' before Mr Boulton interrupts, telling him: 'You, you, you, totally unelected, have plotted this...'
Mr Campbell then interrupts, raising his voice and asking: 'We? Oh, and you're elected, are you?'
At one point, Mr Boulton even yelled at Mr Campbell: 'Don't tell me what to think'.

As Mr Boulton appeared to wave his hand in Mr Campbell's face, Mr Thompson attempted to calm the situation down.
'Gentlemen, gentlemen,' he said. 'Let the debate carry on later.'
But Mr Boulton and Mr Campbell continued to argue, prompting Mr Campbell to exclaim: 'Oh my god, this is unbelievable. Calm down, calm down.'
As a frustrated Mr Thompson attempted to make himself heard, he then turned to the camera and directed viewers to a video of Mr Brown's resignation.

That was gripping TV, Alastair Campbell should have thumped him one.

UPDATE : Within minutes of the argument, Mr Campbell used his Twitter account to give his take on the exchange.

He Tweeted: 'Really worried about Adam Boulton . . . Wonder if he might need some of my pills. Anji ought to come home from her foreign trip.' Hahaha :D