Saturday, 25 September 2010

Who will be the next Shadow Chancellor?

Ed Miliband apparently is in a "desperately complex knot," on who to appoint as his Shadow Chancellor and effectively the second most senior person in the shadow cabinet.

The obvious choice for shadow Chancellor is, Ed Balls. He has the best economic credentials in the whole of the Labour Party, and I'm sure wants the job. But appointing him would entail a significant shift in economic policy - to the Left.(Unless Balls's does a deal with Ed, to soften his stance against cutting the deficit)

And today's result, effectively decided by the unions, against the wishes of Labour MPs and members, means that Ed Miliband will think he needs to shift to the Right, and away from the unions, to answer Conservative taunts of 'Red Ed' and a "poodle of the unions".

Now the BBC's Micheal Crick is reporting that a senior Ed Milliband aide has told him that, David Miliband has been already offered a job as Shadow Chancellor. He was also told that Ed is desperately keen that David accepts; "He must accept it," one of Ed Miliband's senior advisers told Micheal Crick tonight. "He HAS to accept it."

I must add the betting agency's still have Ed Balls as the favourite to be the next shadow Chancellor, with David Milliband Second and Yvette Cooper third.

I strongly believe that Ed Balls should be appointed the new Shadow Chancellor. He is the best person, as he showed in the campaign, to rip apart the coalition's disastrous cuts agenda and set out a credible and radical alternative.

David Miliband's asset is his statesman-like demeanour, he should rightly remain as Shadow Foreign Sectary and i hope he is invited into Ed Miliband's inner circle, because the fight to win will be tough, David Milliaband is our star, we need him more than ever now.