Saturday, 25 September 2010

New Labour Leader's Speech

In his first speech as the new Labour Leader, Ed Milliband told his party that it needs to change. In a short speech celebrating his victory, he said that he represented "a new generation" in politics. Labour had to recognise that it lost the election badly. Voters thought the government was not addressing their concerns. "I get it," he said.
He added he understands people's concerns about immigration, about housing, about university education, and about Iraq. "I know that we have to change."

He says government does have to do something about the deficit. But it has to inspire people with a vision of a good society. Society must be more equal, he says.

Britain also needs a new type of politics. He will support the coalition when it is doing the right thing, and oppose it when it is doing the wrong thing.

Labour lost the election badly, he says. The party has to change. He "gets it". A new generation has taken over.