Saturday, 25 September 2010

Gordon Brown farewell speech

16:20 BREAKING NEWS: The former Prime Minster and former Labour Leader is making his farewell speech now. He says he and his wife Sarah are part of the Labour family and always will be. He says he wants to say two small words - thank you. To Harriet Harman, his deputy and the current acting leader, to all present and past MPs, and to all the councillors, constituents and trade unionists "who live our Labour values every day".

In his speech He thanked the press for its "fair and balanced reporting of him" - the Fife Free Press, he said, after a pause. And he had a joke about Tony Blair too. He said he received an offer from someone who required a reference from his previous employer. But he did not realise Blair's reference was going to weigh in at 700 pages.

He said Labour is the only progressive party in the UK. And he takes "full responsibility" for the election. Labour must not get into the blame game. Whoever wins the leadership election, they will have Brown's "full, unequivocal" support. In future, Brown will not do anything other than support the Labour team.