Thursday, 3 June 2010

Jack Straw condemns Israel for "taking the law into its own hands"

The former Foreign Sectary and Justice Sectary, Jack Straw condemened Isreal raid on the free Gaza flotilla and said "Israel cannot continue on this course".

Israel has a right to live in peace and security.

But it does not have a right to prevent millions of Palestinians from doing likewise; nor does it have any right unlawfully to take Palestinian homes and farms in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Above all it has no right to take the law into its own hands as it did on Monday to intercept a ship carrying humanitarian supplies in international water, kill some of those on board and take the rest into custody.

Israel has correctly been condemned by the UN Security Council for this action.

Israel probably judges that if they “tough” this out, as they have similar incidents in the past, the world’s attention will move away from them. I hope that they are wrong, for the strategic, as well as the humanitarian consequences of Israel’s actions are far reaching.