Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Outgoing Deputy PM Lord Mandelson's tribute to outgoing PM Gordon Brown

Lord Mandelson, the outgoing de facto Deputy Prime Minister and Business Sectary paid tribute to the outgoing Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Lord Mandelson said Mr Brown; "has shown giant dignity and, like of all of us, he may not be faultless but he is certainly fearless."

He added it was "typical of Gordon to take all the responsibility on to his own shoulders" for Labour's electoral performance at the election...what everyone has to remember in the Labour Party is that we have had a very good, very strong, quite a long innings, and when you have gone through three terms, you know people tend to think it's time for somebody else, it's somebody else's turn, and we were fighting against that"

He finished by saying, "Just remember, not so many months ago people were saying that David Cameron was simply going to waltz into Downing Street, that it would be a Tory walkover. Well, we gave them quite a fight"