Saturday, 8 May 2010

Labour MP calls for Gordon Brown to resign

15:43 BREAKING NEWS : An prominent Labour MP, John Mann, has just released a statement calling for Mr Brown to resign as Labour leader. In his statement he said, if Mr Brown remains Labour leader, it harms the chances of a deal with the Liberal Democrats. He also said Mr Brown has had a good run, he was an excellent Chancellor, but a poor Prime Minister. John Mann also accused Mr Brown of being out of touch and aloof.

This was predictable, i expected Labour MPs to come out against the Prime Minister. Mr Brown is on his way to his family home in Scotland. If there are more Labour MPs that come out against Mr Brown, then this challenge would be more credible.

Personally, i think Labour MPs need to kept quiet, Mr Brown knows that if it his own position that is a deal breaker for the Lib Dems, he would step aside, for a Labour - Liberal Government.