Wednesday, 12 May 2010

the Chuckle Brothers Press Conference

Well that first press conference was more like a scene from "brokeback mountain" than a prime ministerial news conference.
The iconic part of this press conference was it turned into a joint stand-up show. Mr Cameron was asked if he regretted once saying Nick Clegg was "his favourite joke". "I'm afraid I did say that once," the PM said, looking sheepish. As Mr Clegg pretends to walk away in a mock huff, Mr Cameron shouts, "Come back!"

Mr Cameron spoke first. He said the new administration will be united behind three key principles: freedom, fairness and responsibility. It will have one key purpose -"to give our country the strong, stable and determined leadership that we need for the long term".

Mr Clegg said both men have "a common purpose" - to give power back to people and give people more opportunity - and that will make the coalition work