Thursday, 15 April 2010

ITV The Leaders Debate - Preview

Tonight at 8:30 on ITV1 will be the eagerly awaited live debate between The Prime Minister Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. It is reported more than 10million people will tune in, the test here is will they stay tuned for the whole debate, or because of the stifling rules they might turn off.

Interestingly David Cameron was complaining about the rules, of which his team partly formed. To me this suggest he's having cold feet ahead of tonight's TV clash. The Tory leader thought he'd walk the general election when he backed the debates. But Gordon Brown called his bluff and now "call me dave" is worried. With opinion polls suggesting a hung parliament, Cameron knows he has most to lose. For him suddenly to whine about the rules is the Tory getting his excuses in first.

The last time Mr Brown went head to head in this format was in 1997 with the then Chancellor Ken Clarke. So it could be a bit new for him, hes not comfortable with this sort of thing, but never forget the tenacity of Gordon Brown, he has withstood an economic crisis and a huge political crisis, and he's still standing. The "clunking fist" is still clenched!

But it is important to remember this key point, the debate won't be like a football match, nobody will win or lose. It will be about voters gradually forming an impression, working out what they think about these men and what they have to say.

All in all it will be a historic evening.