Monday, 5 April 2010

Gordon Brown to call election tomorrow

Welcome to my first blog, on the eve of the 2010 United Kingdom General Election Campaign.

I intend to write on this blog daily, updating everyone on the shenanigans of the campaign.

Every media outlet in the UK and most probably in the world have confirmed that Prime Minster Gordon Brown will announce the
election to be held on 6 May, he will tomorrow seek an audience
with HM Queen in the morning to dissolve parliament.

An ICM poll for the Guardian tonight has put Labour only 4 points behind the Conservatives, which would mean Labour could win the most seats in a Hung Parliament, thus Gordon Brown would remain Prime Minster. Although a poll for the Sun and the Daily Express tonight has the Conservatives 10 points ahead, which would mean David Cameron would have a majority in the House of Commons, thus becoming Prime Minister on May 7th.

Tomorrow morning , the three party leaders, will make their first pitches to the electorate. The BBC's Nick Robinson has reported, that in a speech tomorrow morning outside Downing Street, Gordon Brown will dub this the "big choice" election, he will say "The people of this country have fought too hard to get Britain on the road to recovery to allow anybody to take us back on the road to recession." He's told tomorrow's Daily Mirror that the alternative is "too big a risk ..too great a danger. ..too much of a threat".

David Cameron tomorrow morning, presumably after Gordon Brown, will claim in his own speech that he is to fight this election for "the Great ignored", he will also say that as "good, decent people... they just want a reason to believe that anything is still possible in our country. This election is about giving them that reason, giving them that hope".

and lastly the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is to declare "Today is the beginning of the end for Gordon Brown"

This is to be to be closest fought election since 1992, the polls on the eve of the campaign show that David Cameron will be in 10 Downing Street on May 7th, but the self styled underdog, Gordon Brown has given himself 30 long days to change all that. Game On!