Thursday, 29 April 2010

BBC Leaders Debate : Preview

The media have set a narrative for tonight's debate - that Gordon Brown has to pull of a miracle to get Labour back in the game.
Yes i agree the Prime Minister has to put in a exceptional performance, because this is his debate - the economy and because of yesterday's gaffe. They really really shouldn't under-estimate the great survivor.

Tonight's debate, presents one last crucial chance for Brown to connect with the electorate. This otherwise unlucky politician can be thankful, at least, that such a spectacular and media-friendly "gaffe" did not happen after it.
Nonetheless, and although the PM has today said "yesterday was yesterday", yesterday will haunt him tonight unless, arguably, he deals with it straight away. If he can do that, he can then expect to move on to the substantial issues and not be hounded throughout the hour-and-a-half programme on it. With luck, Brown can instead move onto the economy and dominate the debate.

Oh Cameron & Clegg are bound to waffle because quite frankly they have no clue on what to do on the economy! Let me add this, the real story of this campaign is how David Cameron had blown the big lead he enjoyed going into the fight, Cameron has led the Tories to exactly the same poll rating as enjoyed five years ago by Michael Howard. The Tories have not changed - scratch the surface and they are the same old Tories. Gordon Brown has to remind the public of this. It is true and hurts them. Cameron's lack of judgement and substance has been exposed on Europe and on the banking crisis.
The Tories got the most important economic call of the last 60 years wrong.

That's the choice the electorate face next week - substance vs style!